Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Libya Revolt

What is happening in Libya? It is very interesting. The US ambassador was killed perceptibly by Islamic terrorists, in an act showing anti US stance of these terrorist groups. People in Libya are frustrated with violence and bloodshed. According to the recent report published in the Google News, some people have attacked groups responsible for killing of US ambassador. It is clear that Islamic groups are polarized. It is true that militancy has remained a potent force of Islamic terrorists, but they are forced to taste their own medicine when they were attacked by another category of people. Obviously one does not know the internal  politics or actual reason for this development. But, it is heartening to note that a category of people in this country, and perhaps many other countries, tend to oppose use of violence. One can express one's views, particularly with reference to verbal or hate attacks. Violence is not the solution to the problems of world order. Let peace survive!

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